Elegant IP Strategy Development.
Effective IP Strategy Execution.

What We Do

Greene IP PLLC helps you develop and execute intellectual property strategy to support and strengthen your overall business strategy. Greene IP operates with a collaborative mindset, cultivating long-term relationships with clients, to help you have more confidence in the marketplace and to build a long term intellectual property legacy for your company. The firm is committed to protecting clients’ intellectual property by being responsive in the moment and by helping technology development leaders to thoughtfully align their IP strategy with business goals well into the future.


Who We Are

Greene IP operates out of a converted barn surrounded by a working pecan grove and livestock operation located 35 minutes outside of Houston, Texas. This environment allows for responsive and focused attention to your IP needs. In historical contrast, Attorney Rachel Greene has been a process development chemical engineer for the largest chemical manufacturing company in Texas at the time and an associate attorney in both a patent drafting and prosecution powerhouse law firm and an intellectual property prestigious litigation firm. She’s also been an in-house counsel for the industry-leading oilfield services company for many years. Her experience in aligning technology and business development helps guide strategic choices for your IP needs.

Now, Greene IP works for technology development leaders finding new ways for solving the world’s thorniest technical and business problems. Rachel genuinely enjoys helping to align your intellectual property goals with long term business strategy.

Why Choose Us

The practice of intellectual property law, especially patent law, does not have to be stuffy, slow, condescending, or boring to be remarkably effective. Greene IP helps innovators and problem-solvers develop legal protection for their ideas, products, and processes that are elegant and effective, often with a strategy that is as creative and forward-thinking as they are. The firm also helps negotiate IP provisions in supply, client, joint development, investor, purchase and sale, and nondisclosure agreements to align with business goals. Rachel Greene looks at every patent application, agreement, trade secret, and copyright task as part of your broader IP strategy within the industries of:

Artificial Intelligence & Automation

Identifying and prioritizing the workflows, math modeling, processes, mechanical activity, and data use issues at the heart of automation technology.

Chemical Composition & Manufacturing

Offering expertise that encompasses polymer science, material science, chemical composition, multiphase systems, and chemical manufacturing issues.

Oil, Gas, & Alternative Energy

Providing IP strategic counsel to energy development companies in traditional and emerging technologies including wind, solar, hydroelectric, batteries, and oil and natural gas.

Software Development

Applying IP tools strategically including design patents, copyright, trademark, and trade secret protections for data analysis and programming issues.

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