IP Transactions

Greene IP helps startups and established technology companies navigate negotiations for all forms of IP transactions such as licensing agreements, purchase and sale agreements, IP asset creation and prioritization, competitive analysis, and pre-litigation counseling. Also, by performing a landscape review of your current IP portfolio and long-term business goals, Greene IP can help you make strategic choices for your business’s IP investments including IP asset and risk identification in parallel to technology development, established business IP asset maintenance prioritization, and divestiture strategies.

Meeting Your Business’s Technology Agreement Needs

It’s not enough to simply own intellectual property. Successful technology development business leaders need to make that IP work for them as part of their overall business strategy. Greene IP helps inventors and business leaders implement their company’s goals through artful negotiation and careful drafting of technology agreements including:

  • Licensing agreements
  • Terms of Use or Terms of Service
  • Data governance issues including data collection and creation, data use, and data storage rights
  • Data management issues including architecture, workflows, security, integrity, integration and interfaces, and analysis
  • Use Agreements
  • Technology transfer agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements

Rachel Greene, attorney and founder of GreeneIP, has years of experience serving at in-house counsel at a top energy technology development company. She understands how best to advocate for innovators and technology development investors’ rights while also facilitating appropriate asset monetization efforts. All too often, businesses enter into licensing agreements and use contracts without careful negotiation of their terms. Rigid form language may rely on “boilerplate” language that may not reflect the reality of a transaction, an industry’s culture, current business needs, or the particular use of the technology in question. Rachel’s business knowledge and experience means that she can closely analyze how technology contract language can be selected to reflect strategies that will work for your business. She is passionate about helping technology leaders negotiate favorable and enforceable terms that serve your business goals.

Guiding Your Company’s IP Transactions

It isn’t enough to have a well written agreement. You also need to be confident in your choice of business partner. Greene IP can assist you in performing a thorough due diligence investigation into potential contracting parties. With a clear picture of the business and intellectual property landscape, Rachel Greene advises clients about the opportunities and risks associated with any particular IP transaction. Greene IP proudly represents businesses in the industries of:

  • Chemical composition & manufacturing, especially polymer science, material science, multiphase systems, and heat transfer, agitation, and mechanical system design and efficiency improvements
  • Oil, gas, & alternative energy technologies
  • Math modeling & data analysis
  • Artificial intelligence and automation
  • Software development

Similarly, technology leaders need the confidence that comes from being well-advised when acquiring a patent, copyright, or other intellectual property. Greene IP helps technology leaders have confidence in how each piece of intellectual property or the IP portfolio as a whole will further their business’s priorities and purpose. Greene IP can perform a comprehensive analysis on many types of potential IP transactions to provide perspective for valuation estimates and to prioritize asset strengths and weaknesses for divestiture analysis. Rachel Greene likes to advise her clients on their freedom to operate with a given technology in the marketplace. Some of her most rewarding work experience has been helping secure usage rights when another person or company held an enforceable patent on the technology her business client needed.

The Strategy You Need When Litigation Threatens

Even the most robust IP strategy sometimes involves intellectual property disputes. Rachel Greene’s experience as a chemical engineer and in working with software development companies means that she can develop a deep understanding of the products, processes, programs, and procedures your company uses to do your business. By applying that knowledge, Greene IP will provide you with pre-litigation analysis and advice. Further, Rachel Greene’s work at a prestigious IP litigation law firm informs her advice for you when a licensee breaches your technology contract or when there are concerns over patent infringement, trade secret theft, or copyright breach.

Developing the Future for Your Business’s Intellectual Property

Rachel Greene does not believe that any single transaction stands alone. Each contract, agreement, or document that Greene IP prepares for our clients fits into their business’s broader intellectual property legacy. Rachel Greene wants to help you build that legacy, guiding you to make strategic decisions that will develop your business and move your company forward. While Greene IP can be retained for a single project or contract, Rachel’s greatest strength is in building a long-term relationship with her clients, helping them develop an integrated IP strategy and build a comprehensive portfolio over time that aligns with their business’s broader strategic vision for today and for the future.

Build a Relationship with Greene IP

If you are looking for ways to make use of your existing intellectual property and are ready to build a relationship with a skilled and experienced IP lawyer, contact GreeneIP today to schedule a discussion.