Why Choose Us

Greene IP supports innovators with a business-aligned approach to intellectual property law. The firm provides thoughtful patent, trade secret, and copyright advice to leaders in technology development, chemical engineering, automation, and alternative energy. With over 15 years of IP experience, Rachel Greene can help you plan and implement your company’s intellectual property legacy.

Smart Strategy for Your Ideas

Greene IP blends engineering and business acumen with smart planning to help clients craft a robust IP strategy that will guide their intellectual property investments for years to come. In addition to her years as an intellectual property and patent lawyer, Rachel Greene has worked as a chemical engineer for a large chemical company and served in-house at one of the nation’s most advanced energy technology companies. This blend of experience allows her to help her clients build a business strategy that does more than simply respond to their immediate intellectual property needs.

More Than Just Another IP Transaction

So many IP law firms today treat patent applications and IP legal services generally as commodities. Their focus is on getting the work done efficiently, often without considering how each patent, trade secret, or negotiation will fit into the inventor’s business plan once it is granted. Because of this, innovators often spend thousands of dollars securing IP assets that they believe to be valuable, without a plan for how to capitalize on that value.

Greene IP is focused on the future of your business, especially how your IP assets and strategy position you in the marketplace. The firm happily helps you negotiate IP transactions including license, customer, and supply agreements, as well as addressing patent, trade secret, and copyright issues. However, at Greene IP, it is rare indeed, that we look at your work as just another filing at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Rachel Greene wants to make sure each IP transaction fits within your company’s overall IP strategy, helping you to craft and execute a long-term vision for the future of your business.

A Head for Law and the Brain of an Engineer

Your IP lawyer shouldn’t be a stranger to your industry. When working with a patent attorney, the success of your application can depend on your lawyer truly understanding the product or process you are trying to protect. Attorney Rachel Greene has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering and worked as a professional chemical engineer at BASF before returning to law school. She says:

“I relate to chemical technology leaders, I believe in intensely focusing on solving technical problems with an emphasis on the future. My life’s calling is to help leaders innovate with confidence in their IP position in the marketplace.”

Greene understands the complex ideas behind and the forward technology development implications of chemical composition and manufacturing, mechanical and systems automation, sophisticated math modeling, and data analysis across a variety of industrial applications. She is focused on how technology can be used to solve people’s problems today and for future generations.

At the same time, she understands the joy of invention. Greene IP celebrates when clients are awarded patents, seeing it as an accomplishment for the development team. Greene IP wants its clients to succeed and to be recognized as industry leaders. The firm is enthusiastic to help protect clients’ ideas with appropriate IP tools.

Your Advocate in Intellectual Property Development

Intellectual property law can be something of a dance. Navigating the roles of inventor, manufacturer, licenser, service provider, and distributor requires grace, fluidity, and balance. Greene IP cherishes work for startups and entrepreneurs, advocating on their behalf to make the best use of their existing intellectual property assets and identifying and capturing IP to protect new concepts. Rachel Greene can help business owners and inventors look at the puzzle pieces that make up their IP portfolios and fit them into the bigger picture of an overall business strategy. When it comes to negotiating IP contracts, her years serving as in-house counsel at a large technology company make her an adept, resourceful advocate, ensuring that her clients receive the terms that align with their larger strategic plans.

Blazing the Trail for the Future of Intellectual Property

Rachel Greene was one of the only women serving as a chemical engineer during her time at BASF. Now, as an intellectual property attorney, she again finds herself in an industry dominated by a particular world view and life experience. Greene believes that everyone thrives from listening to diverse perspectives when solving problems in business, technology, and law. Located 35 minutes outside of downtown Houston, Texas in an office surrounded by a pecan grove on land with a particular history, Greene IP is committed to enhancing the reputation of the profession by volunteering for IP bar activities that support under-represented voices. This strong interest in our community’s future is also illustrated by her commitments to Lone Star Legal Aid, Urban Harvest, and Plant It Forward.

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