Greene IP helps technology companies, innovators, and entrepreneurs identify, develop, and perfect copyright protection for their written and recorded intellectual property. By aligning your copyright investments with your broader IP strategy, Greene IP helps your business gain the maximum benefit from the expression of your innovators’ ideas with more confidence in the marketplace.

Smart Strategy for Innovative Technology

Greene IP understands how important innovative ideas are to technology development companies. Once those ideas come together in a writing, photograph, or software program, you need to protect that intellectual property against unfair use by competitors, third parties, and even your own employees. Greene IP wants to help you build a lasting legacy through strategic use of copyright protections, patents, and other intellectual property tools. Rachel Greene assists businesses and innovators in the areas of:

  • Artificial intelligence and automation
  • Chemical composition & manufacturing, especially polymer science
  • Oil, gas, & alternative energy
  • Math modeling & data analysis
  • Software development

She helps them to develop and implement copyright protection strategies that protect the reports, workflow, programs and algorithms that are key to the success of their business. Greene IP can also provide copyright protection strategies for your company’s marketing materials, helping your company to develop a brand voice your customers will recognize.

A Thoughtful Approach to Copyright Registration

You may own a copyright as soon as your idea is put to paper, but protecting your intellectual property interest requires something more. Greene IP helps clients to prioritize and register copyrights with the United Copyright Office, helping secure their claim to intellectual property. Registration helps assert your position when you want to extinguish infringing written words and images by competitors, giving you the opportunity to make strategic use of your work. When your copyrighted material is constantly changing, such as in an online blog, Greene IP can provide ongoing strategies for protection through periodic renewal of your copyright registration.

Protecting Your intellectual Property

Rachel Greene at Greene IP can help you identify your most vulnerable copyright material, and take the steps necessary to shield it from infringement. Greene IP can help you review your existing documentation and imagery to ensure the proper parties hold the copyright to those materials. Rachel Greene also provides clients with pre-litigation strategies when the issue of copyright infringement arises.

Where it appears a competitor may be infringing on your copyright or trade secrets, rather than resorting immediately to litigation, Greene IP can assist in resolving the matter through licensing agreements and other IP transactions. With her years of experience serving as in-house counsel for a technology development firm, Rachel can guide you through deciding whether to enforce your intellectual property rights, license them to a third party, or consider other options to make the best use of your IP budget and strategy.

Developing a Copyright Strategy Beyond the Initial Filing

There are many intellectual property law firms that will prepare and submit a copyright registration. However, Rachel Greene wants to go further, helping your business to make the most of your intellectual property rights. As IP strategic counsel, Greene IP can review the landscape of your IP portfolio and business strategy to see where and how strategic copyright registration, enforcement, and licensing can be put to the best use. By developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients, Rachel Greene helps technology development companies to see individual copyright registration applications as part of a larger vision for their companies’ futures.

Putting Your Copyrights to Work

Once a new technology has been developed and the copyright registered, you need to put that new intellectual property to work for your business. Greene IP can help you put your innovations into the marketplace by helping you negotiate with suppliers, manufacturers, and other third-parties who can make use of what you have created. Rachel Greene can assist technology development companies and alternative energy companies foster relationships with key third-party contractors and investors while shielding your copyrighted material from inappropriate use by competitors. Through carefully negotiated licensing and use agreements, with thoroughly vetted industry partners, you can use your copyrighted materials to develop a larger market share and move innovation forward within your industry.

Build a Relationship with Greene IP

If you have a new idea, process, composition, or technology application and are ready to build a relationship with a skilled and experienced IP lawyer, contact GreeneIP today to schedule a discussion.