Trade Secrets

Greene IP helps technology development companies and entrepreneurs identify and protect trade secrets as part of their overall intellectual property strategies. By thoroughly reviewing your company’s processes, procedures, and research and development objectives, Greene IP can help you prioritize your trade secret protection strategies for competitive positioning in the marketplace.

Protecting Your Innovation Today for the Future

IP lawyers and technology leaders working together can build a rewarding alliance to identify, distinguish, and enforce the company’s individual trade secrets. The key is to properly identify and protect your trade secret to prevent it from becoming public. Greene IP can help review your research and development strategy to identify key trade secrets and to establish steps necessary to prevent their accidental or unintentional dissemination. Doing the work today to protect your company’s trade secrets ensures that you will continue to operate your business and build your company’s legacy. Rachel Greene provides trade secret identification and protection within the industries of:

  • Artificial intelligence and automation
  • Chemical composition & manufacturing
  • Oil, gas, & alternative energy
  • Math modeling & data analysis
  • Software development

Making Strategic Choices Between Trade Secret and Patent Protection

Greene IP will help you establish and execute the best IP strategy possible to protect your entire portfolio. One key part of that is distinguishing between what should be patented and available publicly, through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and what must remain a closely held trade secret. Greene IP can help you to carefully review your technology development process, identifying those trade secrets that make your business unique and profitable.

One form of trade secret is an invention or innovation that is not yet ready to be patented. During the initial development and prototyping stages, Greene IP can assist you in protecting your intellectual property and ensuring your scientists, engineers, and development team have the time they need to fully perfect their new process or idea. When the time is right, Rachel Greene can prepare and execute the appropriate patent application or copyright registration to ensure your intellectual property protections carry over to the completed project.

Monitoring Independent Innovation to Protect Developing Technologies

Patent holders have the luxury of deciding when and how aggressively to defend their intellectual property rights. In contrast, when something is a trade secret, you must take reasonable steps to protect it whenever you believe your IP interests have been infringed or you will lose your right to enforce your claims of exclusivity. Greene IP can assist you in monitoring your industry for others using similar processes and procedures and develop strategies for addressing the issues.

Trade secret enforcement can continue for as long as your business makes use of the strategy or process. Rachel Greene’s commitment to the long-term success of her clients means that she will stand with you throughout the process, ensuring that your rights are protected at every stage of a product’s lifecycle.

Shielding You from Misappropriation

For a trade secret to retain its value, the company must take reasonable steps to protect its secrecy, and its exclusivity. As a technology development company you must be prepared to defend your trade secrets from misappropriation by competitors, third parties, and even your own employees. IP transactional attorney Rachel Greene will help you to craft and train your staff in how to best utilize non-disclosure agreements, company secrecy policies and procedures, and confidentiality and other provisions in supply and sales agreements to shield your trade secrets from the outside world. Unfortunately, most trade secrets violations start from within. If a current or former employee has distributed your trade secret, Greene IP will help identify and prioritize the IP tools to assist you as you enforce your rights and protect your IP assets from misappropriation.

Build a Relationship with Greene IP

If you have a trade secret or an idea that is still in development and need the help of a skilled and experienced IP lawyer to identify each trade secret within your company’s IP portfolio and shield it from competitors, contact GreeneIP today to schedule a discussion.