Greene IP helps technology development leaders develop and execute their IP strategy in alignment with their business goals, often relying on patents, when it's appropriate, as one of the strongest IP tools available. Rachel Greene’s favorite part of being your advocate is working together to identify patentable subject matter, applying for, and prosecuting patent applications. She relishes helping technology leaders with a myriad of patent-related tasks across a wide variety of technology. By thoughtfully reviewing the patentable subject matter and the patentability of your company’s research and development efforts and then carefully crafting and advocating for its patent application, Greene IP can assist you in protecting some of your company’s most valuable IP assets.

Protecting Intellectual Property Through Filed Patent Applications

Greene IP will work for you to develop your company’s IP portfolio by applying for and obtaining patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and help you with an international IP protection strategy, if needed. Rachel Greene will help you review your company’s work to identify patentable inventions and secure patent protections for those assets. Her own experience working as a chemical engineer and as an in-house IP counsel for the energy sector benefit her clients. She knows the right questions to ask to truly understand the technical and business implications of her clients’ technology development work. Also, her IP litigation law firm experience informs her patent-claim drafting prowess. When the market conditions warrant it, Greene IP will also help technology leaders prioritize and develop a strategy to divest or cease investment in patent applications and assets that have lost their business relevance.

Providing Clients with Strategic Patentability Searches and Opinions

Your company’s IP strategy development and execution begins long before your research and development has resulted in a patentable invention. As you consider putting the time and resources into a new product or process, Greene IP can help you invest that time wisely by reviewing the concept’s patentability and the availability of other IP protections. Rachel Greene’s experience as a chemical engineer means that she understands the complex technical workflows that play an integral role in the industries of:

  • Artificial intelligence and automation
  • Chemical composition & manufacturing, especially polymer science
  • Oil, gas, & alternative energy
  • Math modeling & data analysis
  • Software development

She can work with your scientists and innovators to find a path toward patentability and can help develop strategies to reduce the likelihood of patent infringement claims. Greene IP will also identify other IP protections, such as trade secret, copyright, and agreement strategies that may apply to your concept as it progresses through development.

Defending IP Rights Through Careful Non-Infringement Analysis

Sometimes, your company’s most influential inventions will be improvements on existing technology. Greene IP can help you distinguish your innovation from what came before and help you prepare for competitive threats. Where there is a risk of patent infringement litigation, Rachel Greene provides a variety of defensive tasks tailored to your issues including:

  • Pre-litigation advice
  • Opinion letters
  • Negotiation support

When circumstances merit it, she will work with you to negotiate licensing and use agreements and other IP transactions that will allow you to reduce the likelihood of a potential IP lawsuit.

Collaborating with Companies to Develop IP Strategy Around Patents

Technology development companies often meet their goals by strategically aligning their IP portfolios and ongoing IP investment with their business plans. Rachel Greene helps perform this strategic alignment elegantly and effectively. Greene IP is at war with treating any IP task as a commodity, especially patent drafting. The firm helps technology leaders prioritize their IP position in the marketplace encompassing long-term IP risks. It helps leaders look at how any given patent application supports your company’s broader business model and fits into your IP strategy.

In some instances, the most helpful steps forward are considering how any given patent asset should be divested or abandoned. By working collaboratively with clients to prioritize the proper IP attention, Greene IP helps you make efficient use of your legal resources, while investing confidently in your company’s future. By developing a lasting relationship with technology development companies over time, she helps them to establish and implement long-term IP strategies that allow them to grow their portfolio and their business.

Build a Relationship with Greene IP

If you have a new product, process, or other intellectual property in need of a patent application and are ready to build a relationship with a skilled and experienced IP lawyer, contact GreeneIP today to schedule a discussion.