IP Strategy

Greene IP helps technology companies, startups, and innovators craft an overall strategy for intellectual property protection using patents, trade secrets, copyrights, and agreements, steering the businesses toward a more confident IP position in the marketplace. By developing an IP strategy that works with your company’s broader business plan, Greene IP can help you maximize your intellectual asset potential, so you can continue to build your business’s legacy.

Guiding You Along the Path for Your Company’s Intellectual Property Future

Thriving as a successful technology company depends on innovation and forward thinking. That includes understanding how your company’s intellectual property plays into its overall business strategy. Greene IP helps inventors and business leaders to navigate a variety of intellectual property tools. It serves as a trail guide to innovators looking for a more competitive position within the marketplace while solving the world’s technical problems. Intellectual property attorney Rachel Green is excited to advise and collaborate with inventors and technology leaders, learning about their ideas and their plans for the future of their industry. Greene IP assists businesses in the industries of:

  • Artificial intelligence and automation
  • Chemical composition & manufacturing, especially polymer science
  • Oil, gas, & alternative energy
  • Math modeling & data analysis
  • Software development

Demystifying Patent Law

Greene IP works collaboratively with clients to identify what concepts need the right kinds of intellectual property protection. Through careful patent application preparation and advocacy, trade secret identification and protection procedures, and proactive copyright registration, Greene IP can help you build your company’s IP portfolio and protect your intellectual assets from would-be competitors. Knowing how to invest in intellectual property protection tools is key. Greene IP will be engaged at the level you require, from reviewing your company’s research and development plans to capturing your urgent technology disclosures in a rush provisional patent application. The firm aligns with what your IP needs are to make sure that you are able to invest confidently in your company’s future.

Bringing Deep Understanding to Complex Technologies

As a technology development leader, it can be challenging to convey your complex technological ideas to attorneys trained in the law abstractly and focused on the invoice at hand. Further, the communication barrier between engineers and legal decision makers can sometimes stifle innovation and your company’s IP goals. Greene IP can help. Attorney Rachel Greene has experience as a professional chemical engineer. She has an analytical background and understands technical and business complexities, from mathematical modeling and polymer processing to marketing campaigns and investor relations. Further, she can help you translate your ideas into the language the examiners at the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) can comprehend, she has shrewd patent prosecution prowess.

Developing an IP Strategy that Goes Beyond Patent Filings

There are many intellectual property law firms that will file your company’s patent application. Not nearly as many will take the time to investigate with you, the patent holder, how that piece of IP protection can fit into the overall IP strategy for your business. Greene IP develops lasting relationships with its clients who need long term, rewarding professional partnerships with suppliers, manufacturers, and inventors, helping them to build a robust intellectual property strategy that applies the momentary tactics of identifying and protecting patentable subject matter, copyrights, trade secrets and negotiating IP transactions as individuals move in the larger chess game that is research and development.

Attorney Greene has a gift for coming up with a plan of attack that helps clients act proactively to protect their assets, rather than simply reacting to issues that come their way. While she provides thorough business advice and pre-litigation counseling, her focus is on helping clients avoid the time, expense, and stress associated with expensive IP litigation.

Craft Your Company’s IP Legacy

The best IP portfolios are cultivated over time, with one development feeding into the next. IP strategy works much the same way. Rather than creating a patchwork of patent applications, trademark protections, and copyright filings as the needs arise, Greene IP helps development companies to craft their IP legacies over time. Rachel Greene is committed to her clients’ success. She applies her own engineering and business understanding of processes and modeling to her clients’ research and development ideas, guiding them toward areas where investment has the potential to reap the biggest returns, both financially and to push their industries forward. By keeping the bigger picture in mind, Greene IP can help startups, established companies, and multi-generational businesses adapt to tomorrow’s business needs, as you develop tools and technologies for the next generation.

Build a Relationship with Greene IP

If you have a new idea, process, composition, or technology application and are ready to build a relationship with a skilled and experienced IP lawyer, contact GreeneIP today to schedule a discussion.